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Active since 1924 as a concrete manufacturer...

Our newest product:

The attack in Nice on the 14th of July is engraved in all our memories forever... What was supposed to be a national holiday in France, then turned into a day of mourning for all of Europe! The start of a feeling of insecurity during all sorts of events. Because we have the "know how" on the one hand and are concerned with the general safety of our fellow man on the other hand, we developed a new concrete block that can be connected to each other in series, so that it will become almost impossible to break this elegant looking fence, with any vehicle, and thus ride into a crowd.

ibloc is safety up top.

Wibloc can handle any impact.

Wibloc has a unique connect system.

Wibloc is easy to move.

Wibloc looks elegant and can carry flagpoles.

Wibloc can carry Heras fences.

Wibloc can be moved quickly for emergency services.

Wibloc can be easily stacked on a truck or in a warehouse.